Little acts of kindness!
Updated: 1/11/2021
Little acts of kindness!

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  • "All my friends don't like me anymore,they are leaving me!"
  • "I cant wait to buy my cinnamon bread and chocolate!"
  • Have you asked why they are abandoning you?Maybe it's time to find new friends,by the way i'm Jack,i'll be your friend,i know how it feels to be left alone.
  • I feel alone and alienated because all of my friends are leaving me!~Also I'm Kate,thanks!
  • Hi samantha,i'm Jack welcome to this town.Kate and i would like to add a another member to our friend group!
  • I've moved on from toxic friends!
  • Hi guys,i'm Samantha .I just moved into this town.Sorry for listening but could i be your guys friend too?
  • Hi Samantha,i'm Kate!I would absoulotely love to be your friend!
  • Joey's ice cream parlor!
  • Enjoy your ice creams!
  • ~Next day~
  • Let's see each other at lunch.Bye!
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