Broken Blade
Updated: 3/2/2020
Broken Blade

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By : Feneti Sultan 602 2

Storyboard Text

  • Bye mother ,father ,Camille and Claire.
  • Bye Pierre
  • Stop it Beloit !!
  • Bye Pierre !!!!!!
  • HELP!!!
  • Someone get a rope , La Londa fell in the rapeds
  • Pierre's father's finger was cut off . Pierre new his father cant be a voyageur so he decided that he would take his dads place as a voyageur . His mother did not like the idea . He got kissed by girl before he left then he said his good bye .
  • Stop Beloit!!
  • Throw chapters 5-10 travaling has been rough for Pierre he has been get blisters every were , he is kinda getting to know some crew mates but Beloit keeps being a bully . He is becoming a close freinds with Lapetite
  • welcome to Grand Portege.
  • WOW!!
  • Going throw the rapids was hard when la londa was g-eting the canoe then he lost his footing and fell dowen stream. The crew and Pierre were disapoment and felt guilt for some reasone but they moved on .
  • I missed you to pepper.
  • Pierre is finally home
  • Pierre still feels guilt for La londa's death but they were having bad weather wich was not so good so far . For some reason the longer the men stayed on shore the grumpier they got . Beloit and Lapetite got in a big fight over "the food ". They were not good for each other.
  • When they got to the grand portage Pierre stood up to Beloit and Beloit finally starts to call Pierre his name . When they got there Pierre saw there were 2 camps 1 for pork eaters 1 for hivrents.
  • Everything was traded , and Pierre was ready to go home . First he stopped at the DR. house he had a confersation then left to his family . His father was so proud of he was a boy to a man.---------------------------