Climate Change Comic
Updated: 2/22/2021
Climate Change Comic

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  • Carbon dioxide naturally comes from, the ocean, decomposing vegetation , volcanoes, natural occurring wildfires and from animals .
  • Some human sources of where C02 comes from burning oil, and even coal and gas.
  • Because of the increase in carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect trapping all the CO2 it leads to trapping heat, and raising the earths temperature.
  • Greenhouse gas are gasses in Earth's atmosphere that trap heat, they let sunlight pass thought but the heat it brings stays trapped.
  • Some green house gasses are C02,methane, Nitrous oxide, and Fluorite gasses.
  • Because of the greenhouse effect more gasses will be trapped in Earth atmosphere, thus getting hotter
  • The climates will get hotter or colder in some places, others will become even more dry, and soon placed will be flooded with water that has melted from other places
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  • some possible effects of climate change include: Rising Temp; rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers and more flooding and droughts!!