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Wood, WW1 Events
Updated: 2/25/2019
Wood, WW1 Events
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  • June 28, 1914: Arch Duke Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia along with his wife
  • August 4, 1914: Germany invades Belgium, the starting point of WW1
  • This is War!
  • January 1917: Germany announced it would sink any ships all ships sailing to allied ports. This would be an action against the Sussex Pledge.
  • Thanks for telling me Britain i'm so mad!
  • I know what you're doing and i'm telling America!
  • If the U.S. joins the war in Europe, you should invade. If you do this I can give you back the land you lost!
  • DEAL!
  • Britain intercepts a message from Germany to Mexico saying Germany convinced Mexico to invade the U.S. if they joined the war in Europe
  • May 7, 1915: The Lusitania is sunken by a German submarine around the coast of Ireland. 1,198 people were on that boat and 128 of them were Americans. After this the United States doubled the size of their army and built new warships.
  • After Germany sunk 4 more ships on April 2,1917 Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany. Prior to this America was neutral in the war. Congress agreed and 4 million men were drafted in the Selective Service Act. Liberty Bonds were put in place and are bonds Americans bought to raise money for the war immediately.
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