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Alexander Fleming
Updated: 5/8/2020
Alexander Fleming
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  • Alexander Fleming was born on August 6, 1881 in Scotland, into a family of farmers. He completed elementary school in Scotland. He then moved to London to complete school.
  • Alexander attending the army from 1900 to 1914. He enter into the medical field in 1901. After serving in the army he went back to London to research. He was made a professor of bacteriology in 1928.
  • While serving in the army Alexander witnessed a lot of soldiers die from infection. He wanted to find a cure for the infection. Fleming had a good reputation as a researcher, but his workspace was a mess witch lead to the discovery of penicillin
  • The article alexander Fleming published
  • Fleming was studying the different properties of a strain of staphylococcus bacteria, and allowed mold to grow on the dish when he was storing it.
  • September 28, 1928, Fleming arrived at work and realized that the staph could not grow near penicillin mold. Alexander reviled that properties of the mold that prevented the staph from spreading to that area of the plate. Fleming almost decided to not continue his research of penicillin.
  • Alexander Fleming published an article about his findings. It received little attention at first. Then two other researchers found out how to isolate penicillin and increase its potential. They shared the 1945 Nobel price with Fleming. Their discovery revolutionized battlefield medicine in World War II and controlled infection.
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