Frankenstein Chapters 5-9
Updated: 11/11/2020
Frankenstein Chapters 5-9

Storyboard Text

  • Victor finally creates what he wanted, only to be terrified from it's appearance. He thinks of it as a monster.
  • Victor decides to take a break from natural Philosophy and studies with Clevral. Elizabeth also sends him a letter, telling him that Justine moves in with the Frankstein family after the death of her mother.
  • Victor gets informed that William(his younger brother) has been murder. The next day, he returns to his home town and sees where his brother was killed, only to see the monster. Which implies that the monster was responsible for his death.
  • Justine has been accused of Williams murder, because they found the locket he was wearing in her pocket. Victor knows she's been falsely accused and this creates more guilt for him. This leads to Justine being sentences to death, for not having a valid reason for the evidence.
  • Victor is very depress and is going on the family vacation to escape the bad memories that occur. Elizabeth is also sadden about Justine's death. Victor wants to go on a trip to France to relieve his human sorrows.
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