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Updated: 3/18/2021
BF Story Board

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  • Hey man you look tired. Having trouble sleeping?
  • They sell high quality 'food' made with all natural ingredients in house, so you know you are putting the best stuff in your body and nothing harmful. The food has been proven to help with mental health and may help you sleep, work and live better.
  • Yah, it's my anxiety and insomnia. It keeps me up all night sometimes
  • Well do you have medication for that. It can help you sleep
  • I do. But its way to expensive and I hate all the side affect that come with it
  • Well I have heard of this amazing 'food' store that might help with what you need
  • Really!? Tell me more
  • No way! I bet it costs hundreds of dollars if it's that good.
  • Well. First you need to talk to your doctor and get the special card or else you cant even enter the store. After that just head over to Bountiful Farms and start living better!
  • Not at all. It can actually be much cheaper then paying for your proscriptions
  • Thats amazing! How can I get some and whats this place called