Dumb In love
Updated: 3/18/2020
Dumb In love

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  • Dumb in love
  • Character One :
  • Eliezer
  • Goals :To stay with his girlfriend.True Personality : Smart loyal, loving.Weakness : He is shy and rudeness.Quote : Baby I love you.
  • Jose
  • Character Two :
  • Goals : Wants Mia back and to hurt people.True Personality : Moody at times, smooth, soft at times.Weakness : He wants everything his way. Quote : However Mia i am better then before I changed.
  • Back in middle school.
  • main image
  • Exposition :
  • Jose and Mia were together at one point. He really loved her.
  • Eliezer
  • Inciting Incident :
  • She is mine!
  • Jose
  • Rising Action 1 :
  • Would you want to be my girlfriend?
  • Yes, I do !
  • I still love you, Mia I want to be with you.
  • "Are you talking to Mia?" asked Jose. Eliezer replied " Yes, I am talking to her. Why does anyone want to know?" Jose picked up his voice and shouted a little " Well, you shouldn't because she is mine!"
  • They are official. They filled up with joy, and they have been together for five months.