Texas story board
Updated: 1/28/2021
Texas story board

Storyboard Text

  • Why TX is not annexed (15.1)
  • no annexation for Texas
  • TX needs debt help (15.1)
  • here is $12 million dollars dept
  • Mexico threatens TX (15.1)
  • the votes are 35 to 16
  • If Texas joined the US the number of slave states would outnumber the number of free states because Texas was a slave state and had slaves. Texas didn't want to make mexico mad or they would go to war.
  • Polk and Manifest Destiny (15.1)
  • its there destiny
  • Texas would join the United States as a territory, the US would pay Texas $12 million dept in return, Texas would give up claim to all its public lands
  • Mex-American War Ends (15.3)
  • we are giving up all our territory
  • The united states senate had to approve the treaty before anything was official they voted against 35 to 16 bringing in Texas would give slave states an advantage in congress many people feared war with mexico
  • Pearce Plan (15.3)
  • we are claiming our territory
  • many Americans in the 1800 believed it was the united states destiny to expand from coast to coast settlers desired to settle the fertile lands of Oregon and Texas
  • Mexico gave up all of it's territory between Texas and the Pacific Ocean in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo the US guaranteed all Mexican citizens in the ceded territory rights as American citizens
  • Texas claimed territory about fifty percent larger than its present boundaries including parts of the present states of New Mexico etc: