Updated: 1/14/2020
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  • Hey, after seeing all those plants. I started wondering. How do they get their food and energy to grow if they can't move?
  • John
  • Well, it is all just a process called photosynthesis. Here, follow me.
  • Sasha
  • Look at those plants. The first step to photosynthesis, is for plants to allow 6 carbon dioxide molecules through it's pores and into the plant which is then stored in the leaves. This is just like us breathing oxygen.
  • Once there is enough carbon dioxide, the next step in photosynthesis is for the plant to absorb 6 water molecules with it's roots. This water goes up the stem and is also stored in the leaves. Think of people drinking water.
  • Photosynthesis is how plants get their food.
  • Now, plants do not need all of the oxygen that is in the carbon dioxide and water so they use the sun's energy to break the bonds. The 6H2O (water) and 6CO2 (carbon dioxide) is then rearranged to make the two products, Glucose (C6H12O6) and 6O2 (oxygen). The glucose is the plant's food. This is like separating the blue beads from a container of different color beads.
  • Because the carbon dioxide that is in the air around us sinks to the ground, it is easy for plants to inhale this gas through its pores which is stored in it's leaves. (carbon dioxide is a reactant)
  • The very last step in photosynthesis is for the plant to release the unused oxygen through its pores and into the air for us humans to breathe which is just kind of how we exhale carbon dioxide.
  • The second step in photosynthesis is for the plant to use it's roots to absorb 6 water molecules which is stored in the leaves and is another reactant.
  • WOW! Thanks for that information! Its getting dark though, we should head home.
  • So that's basically how plants get their food and energy.
  • The pigment that makes plants green is called chlorophyll which is what attracts the sunlight. The sun's energy is strong enough to break the bonds between carbon and oxygen and hydrogen from oxygen. Once the bonds are broken, 6H2O and 6CO2  is then rearranged to create glucose which is the food and energy for plants. (glucose and oxygen are the two products)
  • Oxygen is a product that plants don't necessarily need so they release this gas through their pores and into the air where humans can use for breathing and survive.
  • The End!
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