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noodle boi
Updated: 4/28/2020
noodle boi
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  • Adventures of Joe and Barbara
  • A lady named Carol called Barbara the fire fighter to get a big cat out of a tree in the park. Barbara needs to know how high the cat is. So she uses trig! She knows she's looking at the cat at a 50 degree angle and is standing 7 feet away from the tree. tan(50)x7=8.3 ftThe big cat is about 8 feet high!
  • Joe was going to try to help Barbara when he saw Carol Baskin stuck in a different tree. Joe wanted to know how big of a ladder he needed. Joe is 5 feet away from the tree and carol is 7 feet high. Joe needs to find what angle he is looking at carol from. Cos-1(1(5/7)=44.4 So he is looking at the tree at a 44 degree angle.
  • Joe and Barbaraboth rescue the tiger and carol safelyand returned the tiger to its owner and carol went home. Its now time for Joe and Barbara to lowd their ladders up on their truck and go back to the station but there is one more problem that they need trig for
  • Joe and Barbara needed to figure out how to put the ladder back on the truck. the angle of 35 degrees, where the ladder lays is seven feet long. how long is their ladder? sin35(7/x)=12.4 feet.the ladder is about 12 feet long. Joe and Barbra both got the ladder on the truck and went back to the station.
  • The End
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