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agricultural revolution
Updated: 9/19/2018
agricultural revolution
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  • In the paleolithic age people would always hunt for their food and also they would only have temporary homes because they would have to follow heards of animals.
  • During the winter they would usually hunt for polar bears to eat and use their fur to stay warm.
  • People would die at average of 25 this was not good. Eventually they decided they would settle down.
  • This was not all good because it meant that disease would spread a lot quicker and people were smaller and less healthy because they had less variety of food. Also they lived near their waste.
  • This change is called the Agricultural and this is a turning point in human history.
  • This change was surely for the best as it lead to the world as we know it. All the cities we see today wouldn't be there if our ancestors hadn't decided to settle down.
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