Among The Hidden
Updated: 2/12/2021
Among The Hidden

Storyboard Text

  • Yea Luke you better go!
  • Okay Mom!!!
  • Shut up Mark!!
  • Luke come inside now!
  • Wait could that face be another third child!?
  • I'm going tosneak overto that houseand find outmyself
  • I hate life;-;
  • What?! the doors locked it's always open on sunny days
  • *punches through the screen door*
  • I.. I'm.. Luke im luke
  • No, sorry I can't
  • Through the front door i had to break the screen
  • Well what are you doing?
  • I'm working on the rally to free shadow children can you come?
  • HEY!! who are you!
  • *types in chatroom*
  • Okay Luke and how did you get in my house!!
  • I'm Luke Jens friend do you know where she is?
  • No no this can't be true!!
  • Do you want this ID card to go live a new life because the population police will find you
  • Luke I'm sorry but Jen died at the rally
  • Hey!! who are you
  • Luke they shot her and all the other 40 shadow children
  • Bye Luke hopefully we can joke around with each other again!
  • Bye Luke we will miss you
  • Bye everyone I love you!!
  • Goodbye Luke I will see you again someday
  • Bye Luke I love you!!