Unknown Story

Updated: 9/8/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • Whitney and Rainsford are on the yacht heading to the place that rainsford usually hunts. On there way there they hear three gun shots.
  • climax
  • Rainsford accidentally slips off the yacht and falls in the water and no one notices because its nightime.
  • falling action
  • Rainsford goes into the woods trying to find somewhere to stay until he can find his way back to the yacht and while doing that he meets General Zaroff.
  • resolution
  • General Zaroff tells rainsford he can plays his game or Ivans. Rainford picks Zaroff and his game is to survive three days from Zaroff if he wins he'll have one of his men take him to town.
  • Rainsford jumps off the island into the water trying to escape general Zaroff.
  • Rainsford goes back to the house and hids from Zaroff in the curtains and then Rainsford ends up winning agaisnt General Zaroff.