The Ramadan Catastrophe
Updated: 2/3/2020
The Ramadan Catastrophe
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  • We had both ran back upstairs to inform our father about what had happened.
  • Something has gone wrong in the kitchen! Come see!
  • Happy Ramadan!
  • My father had called someone to check out the stove- it was broken and wouldn't be able to get fixed until tomorrow. The only resolution was that we would have to eat out.
  • Needless, we were all happy to be eating out, though I think it was safe to say that I was the most excited out the three of us. After all, we had never eaten out during Ramadan before.
  • I can't wait to eat macaroni and cheese!!
  • While on the way to the restaurant, I could barely stay still in my seat, wanting to arrive so badly. I couldn't wait to eat. It was 7:45 pm, and the time to break our fast was 8:15.
  • We had taken our seats at our favorite place to eat out. We would be able to eat soon, and nothing could express how ready I was to eat.
  • What do you think you're going to order?
  • I'm not sure. Maybe steak?
  • I definitely know what I'm ordering...
  • I agreed with my parents, as I too enjoyed the meal very much. Though as were driving home from the restaurant, a particular though had ventured into my brain. In that moment, I had remembered the reason as to why we fast during Ramadan, being that we must take advantage of what we have, such as food, and be grateful that we are able to feed ourselves. It had made me feel even more grateful to eat out more than it did before, as even though our oven had broke, we still somehow were able to feed ourselves- something many people probably weren't able to do today.
  • Wasn't that such a great meal! I don't think I've ever had a better burger!
  • Honestly, I mean that was an amazing steak!
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