Emerald and the Molasses Act Mess
Updated: 9/9/2020
Emerald and the Molasses Act Mess

Storyboard Description

by CGatling

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Emerald. I am 9 years old and live in the colony of Virginia in 1733. My dad owns a candy shop in our town. He was very successful until...
  • THE MOLASSES ACT OF 1733As ordered by the British Parliament: There will now be a tax of 6 pence per gallon on molasses from non-British foreign colonies coming into the North American colonies.
  • If I can only buy British West Indies molasses, our candy prices will be too expensive for anyone to buy!
  • This tax is too high! The French West Indies molasses use to be cheaper.
  • Molasses Act of 1733
  • Oh no! This is not good.
  • How will we stay in business?!
  • I hope this doesn't cause a problem with the colonists.
  • This act should keep the colonies from trading with anyone except Great Britain and repay us for the French and Indian War.
  • $$$$
  • They're right. This is NOT fair!
  • With this tax we get poorer so they can get richer!
  • The British Parliament's law is unjust. They want to control who we can trade with.
  • Isn't smuggling illegal?
  • Mama, will there be another war?!
  • Maybe but we have to do something about the British Parliament and all these laws and taxes!
  • I know a guy that can smuggle the cheaper French molasses into the colonies without the British finding out.