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Ruhr Invasion - History
Updated: 10/1/2020
Ruhr Invasion - History
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  • Germany was unable to pay the reparations to France so they defaulted on the payment France was furious
  • On January 1923 60,000 French and Belgian troops invaded the Ruhr. They took over factories, railways and began to steal resources.
  • The German workers chose passive resistance and went on work strike. There was no production in the Ruhr so the French brought their own workers.
  • The French troops started killing many protestors. German industrial production plummeted.
  • The German government decided to print more money, leading to hyperinflation. 1 £ was worth over 3 trillion German marks. People needed wheelbarrows worth of money just for bread.
  • The Rentenmark was created in order to deal with the hyperinflation. This solved the problem and even put the German economy in a better place than before WW1.
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