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Pandora's Box
Updated: 9/11/2020
Pandora's Box
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  • I have to do something...
  • Once upon a time there were two Greek Gods who were brothers named Epimetheus and Prometheus. Prometheus and Epimetheus were a pair of titans who were the representatives of mankind.
  • During a meeting in Olympus, Zeus forbade all of the God's from giving man fire because he didn't want the ordinary man to be in equal standings with the Gods. He believed that they didn't deserve the privilege.
  • Are you kidding?! Hera can you believe this? He's sure going to pay!
  • Prometheus had a good heart and understood how vital fire was to man, it was very essential and necessary as it provided food and warmth. So, he decided to do what he thought was right instead of what he was told.
  • Prometheus took initiative and stole fire from Zeus and gave it back to mankind.. First handedly disobeying Zeus!
  • WOAH!
  • W0W!
  • When Zeus had found out that Prometheus had disobeyed him and stole from him, he became very furious. Zeus did not take people going behind his back lightly so he decided that he ‘had’ to punish Prometheus.
  • Zeus punished Prometheus by chaining him to a rock on the top of a mountain peak. Every day, eagles flew around Prometheus and picked at his body, they would eat parts of his body and liver. Prometheus was immortal because he was a God so his liver and other parts of his body would grow back and he would be put through the same suffering over and over again.
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