Henry VIII and Mary I
Updated: 1/27/2021
Henry VIII and Mary I

Storyboard Description

Henry VIII was obsessed with having a male heir, and chopping off heads. Mary I was a devout Catholic who would have all non-Catholics burn at the stake.

Storyboard Text

  • Mary I was the heir to the English throne following her father's, Henry VIII's, death. She was the only heir recognized by the Catholic Church.
  • Mary was opposed to the Protestant Reformation and made Englad a Roman Catholic country. She is known as "Bloody Mary" for putting to death around 300 people who were opposed to a Catholic England.
  • Mary I's religious intolerance was fun and all, but her greatest contribution to the Renaissance was her own death so that her sister could become the queen that England needed!
  • King Henry VIII was a Catholic King of England. He was obsessed with finding an heir. When his first wife, Queen Katherine would not produce an heir, Henry VIII looked to the Church for a divorce. He was denied!
  • Henry VIII wasn't happy with being told no, even if it was from the Pope. He decided to break from the Catholic church, and create his own church. This was the very beginning of the Protestant Reformation! He sent his first wife away, and began his marriage to Ann Boelyn.
  • Henry VIII was the father of Mary I and Elizabeth I. Mary I would only rule for 5 years and Elizabth I would take the thrown.