fire and error cartoon
Updated: 12/7/2020
fire and error cartoon

Storyboard Description

My story begins with Tracy try to fish with a stick she just found by her hut but then the stick broke so she couldn't catch any fish so she just went back to her hut when she got there she found a wolf sitting right in front of her door. later that day she looked and the wolf was still there she just ignored it and when to cook the left over meat from the wolf she killed last night the wolf then walked over and she gave the wolf some meat and the wolf loved it. Her and the wolf started to walk around together and the got to the cliff place and had seen a wolf was jumping down and was trying to get them but luckily her wolf friend went and chased and killed the other wolf so they could have that wolf for some food. after that they were super full and ended they night by warming up around the fire
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