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Updated: 2/28/2020
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  • Exposition
  • Death StarvationBlindness
  • Conflict
  • Where is all the food?
  • Rising Action
  • This story begins on a foggy mountain that they are trapped on because over time boulders have blocked the path. These are the apprentices( higher class people) and they get more privileges than the miners and merchants. They paint to record what happens everyday. The village is losing their sight and hearing and no one knows why.
  • Climax
  • They live on a mountain but they mountain is trapped because of the huge boulders. The village gets food delivered up to them but one day it starting getting more scarce and people were starting to go hungry.
  • Falling action
  • The villagers are losing their sight and hearing. Many are getting fired from being an apprentice( highest honor ) because they can´t see or hear. They are getting kicked into the mines and even then they can´t do their job. They are dying.
  • Resolution
  • There is a girl named Fea and she is an apprentice. She is the only one that can hear or see. One night there was a loud noise and she was the only one that could hear it so it was her priority to fight it by using sound as her weapon.
  • What was that noise?!
  • Fei and Li Wei found a way down the mountain and began traveling. When they got down there they did not know what the towns looked like and their world was turned upside down.Then they went back up the mountain.
  • Then they went back and got all the villagers and they went down the mountain to start a new life.
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