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Updated: 9/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Sibling Conflict with Nick and Joaquin
  • I want to watch The Simpsons !
  • Joey and his sister Joanna fight over the T.V. 
  • But I want to watch Disney!
  • You guys need to figure out this problem by yourselves like responsible kids.
  • Mom wants them to resolve the situation on their own.
  • We both want to watch two different things!
  • How are we supposed to do that?!
  • The older sister Joanna decides to problem solve and find a solution to this conflict.
  • Okay! But it needs to be fair.
  • How about this, we can both give each other time to watch T.V.
  • Each one of them wants to watch a different show.
  • The Solution
  • Okay, everyday we will both get to watch T.V. for an hour.
  • When we get back from school you will go watch T.V.. You will watch for 1 hour while I do my homework. Then we will switch. After 1 hour of me doing homework and you watching T.V., I will get to watch T.V.. Then you will do your homework for 1 hour while I watch T.V. for 1 hour.
  • Mom wants them to problem solve and figure it out themselves. The kids don't think they can do that.
  • * 1 Week Later *
  • One week later and we haven't argued at all!
  • I am so happy that you guys came up with a solution on your own! I am so proud of you guys!
  • They both agree on the solution Joanna has came up with.
  • Joanna resolved the conflict.
  • It was one week later and the kids haven't argued at all. Mom was so proud of them for being so responsible.
  • Yeah!