Monro Doctrin
Updated: 1/19/2021
Monro Doctrin

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  • Welcome to America
  • President Monroe, You must listen me. We need this doctrine to be passed or we will be in war.
  • Spain will take over!
  • After the war of 1812 a few independent nations in south America were welcomed into Ameria. Most political leaders were fine with this. Some weren't like John Quincy Adams son of John Adams was severing as secretary of state did not want to interfere with with them and their conflicts. 
  • Monroe doctrine 1. European's could not colonize North or South America2. The United States will not interfere with existing European conflicts.
  • John Quincy Adams spoke to president James Monro and told him about how he had a plan. His plan was to create something that can keep the USA out of foreign conflict. He told this to Monro and promoted it with fear trying to get him to make it happen.
  • Stop ! You are no longer able to colonize the US.
  • Thank you for allowing us to continue with importing our goods and keeping up our trade agreement
  • James Monro went to his annual adress to congress and pitched the idea relying in fear. The idea worked and the monro doctrine became a reality.
  • Two main points of the Monroe doctrine-1. The United States would not allow European Countries to start new Colonies or interfere with independent countries in the continents of North America or south America.2. The United States would not interfere with existing European conflicts.
  • One outcome of the Monroe doctrine was that President Monroe proclaimed the US the protector of the Western Hemisphere by forbidding European powers from colonizing additional territories in America. This also forbids the US from colonizing any European territories.
  • The Monroe Doctrine allows the US to independently intervene in the trading economy. This allows the us to be neutral to war situations and make economic decisions based on what they feel would allow the US to prosper.