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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/26/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Fast forward to:
  • 1903
  • When Pierre knew that Marie wasn't nominated:
  • The French Academy of Sciences nominated Henri Becquerel and me but not you as candidates for the physics prize.
  • Why? Is it because I'm Polish? or because I'm a woman?
  • A letter from Swedish Mathematician:
  • Dear Professeur Pierre Curie, Hur mår du? I respectfully suggest to appeal the inclusion of Madame Marie Curie in Physics Nobel Prize. Sincerely, Magnus Goesta Mittag-Leffler
  • The time to nominate Nobel Prize receivers.
  • When they won:
  • Merci!
  • We did it, Marie. We won! You are the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize!
  • In a sign of the times and its prevailing sexist attitudes, no recognition of Curie's contributions was offered, nor was there even any mention of her name.
  • Fast forward to:
  • 1911
  • *Hur mår du- means how are you in Swedish
  • Albert Einstein and Curie first met in Brussels at the prestigious Solvay Conference in 1911.
  • My pleasure, uhh which honorific should I call a German genius?
  • Hallo, Madame Curie. I'm Albert Einstein of Germany.
  • If not for the intervention of a member of the nominating committee, Swedish mathematician Magnus Goesta Mittag-Leffler, Marie might have been denied recognition for her work.
  • Solvay Conference
  • *Hallo- means hello in German.
  • Herr, but you can call me sir for I can understand English.
  • My pleasure, Sir Einstein or Herr Einstein, rather.
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