A great atventure at Ylloustone
Updated: 2/7/2021
A great atventure at Ylloustone

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I'm Sally
  • Hi, I'm Alex
  • Hi I'm Karen
  • Karen and Alex are brothers. We lives in National Park in Yellowstone, whit her parents.And Sally our cousin arrives of Chicago, but she born in New York
  • The Ranger Jack Williams in his helicopter, he calls to Ranger Station because there was wolf alert, Malik and Lakota got lost . There were the best importants wolves in the National Park. Alex, Karen and Sally want to search the wolves.
  • Mr and Mrs Walker didn't want them to go to find the wolves but Alex convice they. They arrived at the Indian's river. They had to cross it. Karen is the first to cross, she crossed very quickly. The second is Sally but she walked slowly and in the middle of the river she fell in to the water
  • After Sally fell in the river, In the evening they wolked to the Grant's Cabin. When they arrived, Karen explained a old legend to Sally. In the next day the leyend acomplish.
  • The next morning Sally went to found wood. But she found wood and a big cat. Alex saved she.
  • They see a one wolf and it chased. They chased and they dicover who Malik and Lakota are fathers after that they come back your house.