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Updated: 4/22/2020
reading project
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  • Exposition
  • Would you look at the view!
  • Conflict
  • That's it! no more zeppelins! Give them all to the allied nations.
  • 😨😨😨
  • Rising Action
  • Hindenburg
  • May 6 1936
  • The Montgolfier brothers designed a balloon filled with hot air. If a basket was attached, it could lift them into the sky for travel. No human had ever been that high in the sky before. After the hot air balloon was invented, Count Zeppelincreated a Zeppelin or Blimp. It allowed many humans to sit in a cabin for travel.
  • Climax
  • Right after Count Zeppelin died, there was a treaty that said Germany had to give up all their aircraft to the allied nations.The Zeppelin Company had to stop and no more Zeppelins.
  • Falling Action
  • plane
  • 1938
  • To solve their problem, the Zeppelin Company began making aircraft for the US since they were not part of the allied nations. The company was back in business, and in May of 1936, the Hindenburg was created. It was like a luxury hotel in the sky. Many people wanted to take a ride on it.
  • Resolution
  • The day it took flight, everyone was excited. A few minutes before it landed, a fire started in the electrical room, and the Hindenburg crashed to the ground.
  • After this tragedy, Zeppelins were no longer used for travel. Instead, the first transatlantic plane was invented. It was safer and faster.
  • the first land based transatlantic plane takes off
  • Modern Day
  • Today, Zeppelins are used for advertising such, as the well known "Good Year" blimp. You can find it over major events like the Super Bowl. It is often used for filming the event from a bird's eye view. Thanks to the Montgolfiers and Count Zeppelin, we have such amazing images and video.
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