Merican revolution
Updated: 2/8/2021
Merican revolution

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for miss nelson

Storyboard Text

  • Boston Massacre 1770
  • Boston tea party 1773
  • commander-and-chief and the battle for concord 1775
  • 5 citizens of Boston went on protest over tea taxes and were shot dead
  • Main battles of the campaign
  • The Boston tea party was in effect after the taxation on the tea in America by dumping tea into the Boston harbor
  • Declaration of Independence
  • this was the time period were George Washington was made commander-and-chief of the U.S Continental army and were the U.S would march on Concord
  • Washington at the fortress then at the top 1777-83
  • Victory at Tendon 1776Victory of Princeton 1777Battle of Saratoga 1777Win of Yorktown 1782
  • this was the showing the America's colonies were a free state and not controlled by England
  • Washington went out to find soldiers for his cause and he did then going to defeat the British with help from others leading to the treaty of Versailles.