"The monsters are due on Maple Street" Comic Strip
Updated: 11/5/2020
"The monsters are due on Maple Street" Comic Strip

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  • The neighborhood had a discussion about how they would decorate their house's for the holiday
  • As you know we need to talk about how we will decorate out houses
  • Can't we discuss about this tomorrow?
  • Most of our kids are at the game today
  • No we cant talk about this tomorrow
  • All the electricity went off in the neighborhood and everyone started to get worried
  • Idk, maybe it was an meteor
  • What was that? why are all the electricity off?
  • Everyone saw each other as enemies and scapegoat each other.
  • OH MY!! It's probably you, Steve.
  • Oh maybe it is you, Steve.
  • You guys are probably all monsters!!
  • I don't know I think it's you, Charlie.
  • OH! It probably is you, Charlie.
  • They started to suspect on each other and blamed a little kid.
  • Am I safe around them? Can I trust them?
  • WHAT?!
  • yeah, he is just an innocent kid.
  • WHAT?! why would it be him?
  • Everyone was full of fear and shoot an innocent man.
  • charlie..YOU KILLED HIM!
  • I'm speechless
  • Charlie lights went back on and everyone suspected on him. They chased him down.
  • STOP LYING!! You can't be trusted. You're the monster
  • NO STOP!! I'm not the enemies
  • I know who it is! it's...it's TOMMY
  • I'm not...monster
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