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Issues and Events Leading to the American Revolution
Updated: 9/22/2020
Issues and Events Leading to the American Revolution
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“No taxation without representation!” Tea Act Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts 1st Continental Congress

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  • The British need a way to lower debt, so they added taxes to goods. The colonist protested against this because they didn't feel this was fair because they weren't having a vote on what, or how much, was taxed.
  • The Tea Act was created to financially help a British company. This made the colonist even more angry because this was a government sanctioned monopoly on tea, so the British could benefit.
  • Tea ActLowering taxes on tea to almost nothing.
  • Angered by the Tea Act and other acts being created by the Parliament, some colonists disguised themselves and dumped an abundance of tea into the harbor. This is an example of civil disobedience because they respectfully, or unharmfully, didn't follow the orders of the king.
  • The 'Intolerable Acts' named by the colonists, was a way for the British to punish Boston until they made back all the money they wasted in the Boston Tea Party. The British gained power, and colonists lost power.
  • 'Intolerable Acts'Closed the Boston HarborMore troops sent to Boston/ Quartering Act expanded British gained more control over colonial government
  • Because the other settlers of the 13 colonies were afraid of being treated like Boston, they decided to come together. All sent delegates, except for Georgia, and over the span of a month, they sent a petition to King George III that explained the grievances of the colonists.
  • Delegates from each of the 13 colonies, except Georgia because they were dependent on British assistance.
  • After the French and Indian War the British were in debt, so they added taxes to help. The colonists protested many of the acts that were being made by Parliament because they weren't being represented, this is why the "No taxation without representation" was a popular chant in protests. When the Tea Act was made by the British to aid one of their companies by lowering the taxes on them, some of the colonists decided to disguise themselves on a boat and ended up pouring 342 chests of tea in to the harbor, also known as the Boston Tea Party. The British responded to this by creating, what the colonists called, the "Intolerable Acts". This punished Boston for all the tea by closing their harbor, sending more troops, and basically limiting the colonists there even more. The other colonies were afraid this could happen to them so they set up meetings and sent delegates to express and create a voice for their colony. Only Georgia didn't participate because they would've risked losing their assistance. The 1st Continental Congress sent a petition to the king explaining the grievances of the colonists. 
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