Frankenstein Ch.11-16

Updated: 10/15/2020
Frankenstein Ch.11-16

Storyboard Text

  • wow there's people in here. I shall stalk them and bring them firewood b/c I want to be their friend
  • thanks for teaching me how to communicate
  • Insert teaching society and language to Safie
  • wow humans suck and no one will ever accept me because im an outcast
  • hello young man
  • get out!
  • hey y'all
  • The monster runs away from Victor's apartment and stumbles upon a cottage where he finds people inside. They are poor and struggling. The monster grows attached to them and starts bringing them firewood at night.
  • wow they permanently left after I visited them I angry
  • The monster stalks Felix teaching Safie about language and social studies. He learns how to communicate and learns that humans are evil.
  • I saved her from drowning
  • I don't care you ugly and scary
  • The monster decides to visit the blind man De Lacey while he's home alone. Once Felix and Safie return, Felix tells the monster to get out.
  • Papa Frankenstein is gonna mess you up
  • The monster goes to return to the cottage, seeing Felix ending the contract and leaving. Monster gets angry and burns down the cottage.
  • The monster saves a girl from drowning but her guardian shot at him after. It took the monster weeks to recover.
  • The monster was on his way to see Victor when he comes across William. William mentions his father Frankenstein and out of anger, the monster strangles him.