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Berlin Wall Timeline
Updated: 5/5/2020
Berlin Wall Timeline
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  • As WW2 ends in 1945 Berlin and all of Europe splits into East, controlled by the Soviet Union, and West, controlled by the Western Powers.
  • You Soviets can have the East of Berlin. The Americans, French and I will have the West.
  • We need to kick out those Capitalist. Lets cut off all ship and trains going towards East Berlin.
  • Good thing we have planes.
  • In 1948 The Soviet Union but a blockade on all land imports and exports around Berlin. The US concurred this with the Berlin Airlift where goods were brought in by plane
  • From 1945- 1961 about 3.2 million people fled from East Berlin to West Berlin in hopes for freedom and a better life.
  • Wow they're living the good life on the West Side. Maybe we should move.
  • On August 13, 1961 Under the command of Nikita Khrushchev the 11 foot Berlin wall was built to keep people from leaving East Berlin.
  • Now nobody can get in or out!
  • Because of the horrible economy for people in East Berlin due to WW2, many of them tried to flee into West Germany. Nearly 80 people died trying to cross.
  • We want to leave, We are so hungry We have no money
  • Break the Wall!!
  • In November 1991 The destruction of the Berlin Wall began. Thousands of East Berlin citizens stormed the wall and broke it down, uniting both sides of Berlin.
  • Let us in!!!
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