Emotional Abuse

Updated: 12/16/2020
Emotional Abuse

Storyboard Text

  • It was an accident I'm sorry
  • You never do anything right
  • You're so stupid
  • What? Why?
  • You're not allowed to go see your family tonight
  • Because I said so that's why, end of discussion
  • Fine, I'll stay, but no more of this controlling behavior, understand?
  • I can't do this anymore, I'm leaving
  • Are you kidding me?
  • No, I need you in my life, I can't go on without you
  • If you leave me, I'll kill myself
  • Of course
  • Really? Okay thank you!
  • I know but I miss seeing people besides you
  • I'm going out see you later!
  • You're not my boss!
  • I don't want you going out
  • I know but, I miss you I don't want to be alone
  • How about you stay in tonight and we can call your mom and invite her over?
  • I had no idea how bad... I need to get her out now before something bad happens
  • I am so sick of this! I'm tired of these games, I'm going to bed!
  • Oh! You need to get over yourself, you're not my parent!
  • Speaking of parents, I allowed you to invite your mom over and this is how you repay me!
  • Fine, go to bed early like the child you are!
  • I told you that you need to stop hanging out with your friends and you did anyway behind my back!
  • No, and if I had know how bad it is, I would have come to get you sooner. Come on, pack your bags, you can come live with me.
  • Does he act like that often?
  • Honey that isn't normal or healthy, you need to leave him right away!
  • Wait, that isn't normal?
  • Yeah, mom, but that's just the way he is
  • Okay, lets go.