King Arthur
Updated: 6/29/2020
King Arthur
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  • A Green Knight Suddenly appears at a Christmas dinner party. The Green Knight says that they play a game. He said the game was that any knight brave enough to strike off the Green Knight's head may keep the Green Knight's axe, but that man must accept to return and try again in 1 year.
  • Gawain accepts the challenge and cuts off the Green Knight's head. He then picks up his severed head and leaves, telling Gawain to look for the Green Chapel.
  • He finds a castle in the middle of nowhere. The lord in charge of the castle asks Gawain to stay until New Year's Day, because the Green Chapel is nearby.
  • The lord says that they should come to an agreement: He will go out hunting The lord says that they should come to an agreement: He will go out hunting while Gawain stays at the castle, and the two men will swap whatever they have found at the end of the day. It will happen for 3 days. Each day, the lord goes out hunting, while the lady of the castle tries to persuade Gawain to like her. She offers him a magic belt that will protect the life of any man who wears it.
  • Gawain arrives at the Green Chapel to meet the Green Knight. TheGreen Knight lifts up his axe to cut off Gawain's head, but he pulls back twice. The third time, the Green Knight cuts Gawain on the neck.
  • Gawain realises he was wrong and wears the belt to remind him of his fault. When he returns to Camelot, the entire court wears green sashes in fellowship with Gawain.
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