Unit 2 De-creation Assignment 02
Updated: 3/8/2021
Unit 2 De-creation Assignment 02

Storyboard Text

  • Um... I don't know where you money is, mom. I went to my friend's house to study, dad.
  • My money went missing from my wallet. Do you know where it is?
  • Why are you home so late, Leo?
  • Ok, thanks, will do.
  • Tonight I'll take you to see my team.
  • You did a good delivery job Leo!Here are some candies. Take some and give the rest to the other kids as free samples.
  • Welcome to the club, Leo.
  • There are more deliveries for you to do,.
  • Police! You all are under arrest for selling drug!
  • Oh, no!
  • Leo has been skipping school. He has been giving out free drug samples to the students and trying to make money from them.
  • . . . . .
  • Sorry mom and dad, I didn't know that it was drugs and I got addicted.
  • I have learned my lesson now.