Updated: 5/19/2020

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  • Excuse me, but is there a fairly cheap hotel not too far away from here?
  • Try the Bell and Dragon,
  • Its about a quarter of a mile along on the other side.
  • Certainly it would be more comfortable than the Bell and Dragon.
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • That parrot... I could have sworn it was alive.
  • The old girl is slightly dotty... but at five and sixpence a night, who cares about that?
  • I knew you would. Do come in.
  • I saw the notice in the window. I was wondering about a room
  • Mr. Perkins, isn't it?Would you be kind enough to sign the book?
  • They were tall and young and handsome... just like you.
  • It's Weaver.
  • That's funny, Christopher Mulholland. It rings a bell.
  • I suppose he left fairly recently.
  • Left? But my dear boy, he never left. He's still here.
  • Tastes like bitter almonds...
  • ...haven't there been any other guests here besides them in the last two or three years?
  • I stuff all my pets when they pass away.
  • No, my dear.Only you.
  • Christopher Mulholland... wasn't that the name of the Elton schoolboy... then all of a sudden...