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Turning points in the stone age
Updated: 9/17/2020
Turning points in the stone age
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  • Paleolithic 
  •  Man
  • Woman
  • Paleolithic
  • yum !!
  • Mesolithic
  • We control fire women
  • Yes Man
  • During prehistoric time period Homo Habilis' had a very small mental capacity. They knew very little words and how to do very little because these were the earliest of humans.
  • Mesolithic 
  • Yum Food
  • Also during the Prehistoric time period Homo Habilis' also had very little ways to get food. They only used stone weapons to hunt for their food because they were still very limited in mental capacity. They also gathered things like plants for food as well. (These animals and plants weren't really alive during this time. They were just used for illiustration)
  • Neolithic
  • I make more fire here
  • During the Mesolithic time period, the Homo Erectus' gained mental capacity to do more things. They were able to say more words and control fire.
  • Neolithic
  • Also During the Mesolithic period, Homo Erectus' made more tools and weapons to make the like easier. They made things such as axes and fish hooks (these look a lot more modern than the ones they had back in this time). They still hunted and gathered food as well but they also started fishing. (These plants and animals were still not present back then it was just used for illustrational purposes
  • During the Neolithic period, the Homo Sapiens gained a bigger vocabulary and their mental capacity got bigger. They were able to learn how to create a fire. They also developed a new tool called the flint knife.
  • Yes Warm fire
  • Also during the Neolithic time period, Homo Sapiens fond another way to get food in addition to fishing. This way was farming. They also utilized their old ways to get food as well. 
  • The plants growing
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