Updated: 6/18/2021

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  • No, we will be too early. And besides those are not the clouds that rain, they are cumulus clouds.
  • We should hury up, it looks like it is going to rain. 
  • Oh, you poor, poor girls. Please come in and dry off. Eugenie is playing right now. 
  • Don't let her trick you into going in. 
  • But I want to go in!
  • Girls, why dont you wait for your mother inside with me? It is so nice and warm! 
  • No, why would you think that? This is my umbrella, well now yours!
  • Mona and Mona's sister are walking to their piano lessons.
  • Isnt this Eugenies? 
  • Mona and Mona's sister have arrived at their piano teacher's house, out of breath and wet. They interrupted Eugenie's lesson and will have to wait and dry off before their lessons begin.
  • What? What? Stop yelling, there will be enough people yelling. 
  • MOM MOM MOM. Wake up! Mom wake up! 
  • After the piano lessons, the girls are waiting very patiently for their mother. It is starting to drizzle and get very cold. Miss Crossman finally convinces at least Mona to come inside. But Mona's sister refuses. After a while, Miss Crossman comes outside with the umbrella.
  •  After the girl's piano lessons Mona's sister is waiting for her mom. Miss Crosman just talked with Mona's sister and decided to give her the white umbrella. 
  • The girl's mom finally comes. But all of a sudden when everyone is talking they get in a car crash! Mona's sister sees their mom's face, her eyes are closed and she is slumped in her seat.
  • After the very scary car crash, Mona's sister decides that she is done with the umbrella. She throws the umbrella down the drain, she will never see the white umbrella again.