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Updated: 11/2/2020
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How A Bill Becomes A Law

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  • YesorNo
  • signing statements
  • The president can sign the bill if he wants it to become law.
  • Prevent homeless people from standing on roads and Traffic lights
  • He can include “signing statements” that say how the law should be enforced or if parts will not be enforced.The president can veto or reject the bill.
  • Prevent homeless people from standing on roads and Traffic lights, and provide them with job opportunities
  • The president can choose not to act on the bill. If Congress is in session, the bill becomes law after 10 days.
  • Two-thirds (67%) of both Houses are needed to override the President’s veto.In the House: 369 needed for override. Senate: 67.
  • If Congress is not in session, the bill dies after 10 days. This is called a “pocket veto.”
  • If the bill has been vetoed and Congress is still in session, the bill then goes back to the house where is started, in our case, the Senate.If two-thirds of the Senate agree with the bill, that is called overriding the President's veto.
  • If the Senate votes to override the veto, then the House of Representatives must override it also. If both houses vote to override the veto, then the bill becomes a law without the President's approval.
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