Unknown Story
Updated: 1/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Walking to the Dawson Trail.
  • Sam McGee Passing Away.
  • Cap Cremates Sam McGee.
  • Sam McGee and Cap get up very early on Christmas day. They get ready and start walking over to the Dawson trail.
  • Lonely Miles.
  • Sam McGee starts to not feel good and says that he does not like the cold. He knew he might die, so he asked Cap to cremate him. Sam McGee ends up dying, so Cap has to find a place to cremate him.
  • Cap Finds a House.
  • After traveling for miles Cap finds a boat that is stuck in the ice. He decides to set Sam McGee in the boat and burn it.
  • He Finds Sam McGee.
  • Cap has to travel by himself for miles with little food and little energy. He starts wondering if he will die.
  • After traveling for miles Cap finds a house and wonders if he should look inside.
  • Cap decides to look inside of the house and he finds Sam McGee in the house. At this point Cap may have losing his mind from traveling for so long in the snow alone. Cap walks into the house and feels warmth.