Science Project
Updated: 2/2/2020
Science Project
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  • Magnetism
  • You look really nice tonight South, I'm really attracted to you!
  • Why, thank you North! I am too!
  • Elastic Force: Part 1
  • You guys don't care about me! I hate you!
  • Elastic! What about your phone, your house, your clothes, your everything?
  • Elastic Force: Part 2
  • You're right! I take back everything I said! I'm so sorry!
  • It's ok! Please just think before you speak. Nowadays, it seems that all you do is take everything back.
  • With magnets, the North ends are attracted to the South ends, and the South ends are attracted to the North ends.
  • Friction
  • Mr. Friction
  • Is someone making a joke about me? That will not slide in my class
  • Hi! My name's Gravity! My friend on the corner over there, named Mass, is interested in you Let me tell you all about him!
  • With elastic force, an action is made in one direction.
  • Gravity: Part 1
  • Because of the force, the action is counteracted on with the elastic pulling back in the opposite direction of which it was pulled.
  • Gravity: Part 2
  • It's been really fun getting to know you! Can I have your number?
  • 20 minutes later...
  • Friction is the resistance of motion between objects that rub against each other. Just as the teacher mentions, friction won't let things slide by.
  • Mr. Friction is such a drag!
  • Hahahaha!
  • Gravity, the force that brings all things with mass together, is known as a universal force because it's everywhere.
  • My name's Mass too, but I'm not so sure about him.
  • Just hear what I have to say about him!
  • Gravity is also the force that pulls everything on Earth towards the ground because of Earth's huge mass.
  • Yeah! Your friend Gravity really pulled us together! I think I'm falling for you!
  • Another success of making people FALL for each other!
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