Updated: 12/12/2019
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  • Space Race
  • Korean War
  • Another one bites the dust
  • Containment
  • The Space Race was a race between the United States and the USSR to see who'll get to space first. Russia was in the lead at first with the launch of Sputnik, but then the U.S. managed to land a man in space
  • Berlin Wall
  • The Korean War was a fight between North and South Korea to see who'll be the leader when they unite. North Korea was pro communism and South Korea was pro communism.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • The United States was trying to keep communism from spreading by containing it in the USSR
  • The Berlin Wall was a wall that divided the city into two parts; the Communist side and the Capitalist side. It separated families and friends. It was heavily guarded to stop passage and anybody who attempted to pass was executed in the spot
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis
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