English - Comic - Assessment - High School Drama - 2020
Updated: 3/11/2020
English - Comic - Assessment - High School Drama - 2020

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  • What did I ever do to them...
  • You're fat, ugly and annoying. No one will ever like you.
  • Oh well it is what it is I love Veronica too much to confront her.
  • Ellieana and her twin brother Ace moves to his girlfriends school (Herest High), and she is THE loner in the school. Ace's girlfriend is meanest and most popular girl in the school, and her name is Veronica Taylors.
  • What are you doing at MY BOYFRIEND'S house!?!
  • Miss Ellieana Madaline McAdams I told you to stay in your room!!!
  • Her best friends are Vanesser Mackenzie and Victoria Mel, and Ace's best friend is Carter Jones.
  • Veronica really Ellieana, so she started to bully her with her best friends. Ace didn't do anything to help her.
  • Sorry...
  • One day Veronica goes over to Ace's house to hang out with him.
  • Then Ace comes downstairs.
  • She says sorry, and leaves to go to her bedroom.