COld War
Updated: 12/6/2018
COld War
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  • Korean War
  • Space Race
  • Bay of pigs
  • The Korean war was a war between the north and south. Many allies including the United States joined the fight against the north communist party. The Allies faced dire consiqences with the army of the communists were well displined and well trained
  • Berlin Wall
  • After the Sputnik satellite launch (A Russian satellite and the spark of the space race) the space race began. The Space Race was a battle without violence, instead it was a battle of influence in the science field. The Soviet Union and The United States wanted to compete to see who can reach benchmarks in space the fastest.
  • Cuban Missile crisis
  • The Bay Of Pigs is a failed military mission. The CIA sent a military force to the left wing of Cuba. The US force was defeated within 3 days by the Cuban force. The reason behind the operation is to contain communism in Cuba.
  • Vietnam War
  • The Berlin Wall is a post world war II structure that spitted Germany into 2 parts. In the 1980s The US ordered the destruction of the wall. This event is known as a key part of Cold War history.
  • The Cuban Missile crisis was a event that took place again, in Cuba. The US stationed missiles in Turkey near Russia. The Soviet Union wanted to place Missiles in Cuba, right next to the US. The US faced fear that the USSR could destroy Washington DC any minute. The US played a game of chess agianst Kresctov as one minute counts down to midnight
  • The Vietnam war was a conflict between the North and South parts of Vietnam. The war was a large part of the Cold War as the conflict became bigger and bigger. The Us had to enter, but this decision turned out to be a negative, as the population of the US did not sponsor any part of the conflict. The US saw a lost and the Communist north took over the south.
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