The Monkey and the crocodile

Updated: 10/13/2021
The Monkey and the crocodile

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Can I get some apples.
  • Yeah! Sure.
  • Hey! I was thinkin' can we become friends
  • Of course!
  • Hey! You know I made a friend today. He is a monkey.
  • Oh! A monkey. You know I got a disease and it can be cured by eating a monkeys heart, can you do that.
  • The Crocodile asked the monkey for some apples from the tree.
  • Hey! Do you want to come for dinner at my place.
  • Oh! I would love to.
  • Then, the monkey and the crocodile became friends. 
  • Friend, I brought you here because my wife wants to eat your heart.
  • Oh! Is that so. What a mistake I forgot heart in the tree itself.
  • After that, the crocodile told his wife about the new friend but his wife got jealous.
  • Hey! Did you get your heart...Ohh! Okay.
  • I don't want to get eaten by a crocodile. And we should not meet again.
  • The crocodile went to the monkey
  • The crocodile tells the truth to the monkey.
  • The crocodile and the monkey decided not to meet again.