Funny Science Comic Strip
Updated: 2/3/2020
Funny Science Comic Strip
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This is a comic strip that will hoepfully upgrade my grade in Science class. Yeah, goodnight.

Storyboard Text

  • Sam Davoren & Dylan Malave P4
  • Sir, how are you so down to Earth?
  • Well, uh, Gravity.
  • Gravity did this because gravity pulls objects towards the center of a mass!
  • Meanwhile...
  • Look at my dope skateboard! You know what really grinds my skateboard axels? Friction! HA
  • This wouldn't be possible without the assistance of my buddy Sliding Friction. He creates heat and causes objects sliding against each other to make resistance.
  • On the other side of the Planet...
  • Go bungee jumping they said. it would be fun they said!
  • Elasticity is the force that certain objects use to go to their original state after being stretched. I'm thankful for that or else I would be flatbread!
  • On the Wacky Side..
  • In school, I always told you that I hate magnets . Being pulled by one is terrifying.
  • Magnetism is when force exerted by magnets are attracted to or repel each other. This magnet is really attracted to the metal car.
  • I guess you can say that the magnet is really attracted to us!
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