SAMPLE method storyboard
Updated: 11/26/2019
SAMPLE method storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Help someone help me!
  • I was walking down the street and suddenly felt dizzy, I fell over and hurt my arm.
  • What happened? Are you okay?
  • Yes please help, my arm hurts badly.
  • Oh thats terrible! My name is Sophia and I'm trained in first aid can I help you?
  • You are walking down the street and find a woman crying on the ground asking for help. You look around and see there is no one else around. After sizing up the scene and ensure the scene is safe, you decide to see what is wrong.
  • I still feel a little dizzy, my arm feels very sore.
  • Looking at you arm, I don't see any blood, but it appears to be swelling. What symptoms are you feeling?
  • I don't have any allergies and am taking insulin because I have type 2 diabetes.
  • You walk over to the crying woman, ask her what happened. She tells you she was walking down the street and suddenly felt dizzy, then she fell and hurt her arm.
  • Do you have any allergies, medications, or pertinent medical history you think may have caused you to feel dizzy and fall.
  • You state your qualifications and ask if you can help her. She agrees.
  • I was running late and didn't eat anything this morning so the last time I ate was dinner last night, but I drank water an hour ago. Then I went on a walk and felt and fell.
  • Ok well I'll get you some sugar and then I'll further examine your leg to see what to do next.
  • When was the last time you ate or drank anything? What happened leading up to your fall?
  • You begin the SAMPLE method for assessing her condition. You look at her arm closer, state the signs you see, and ask if she has any symptoms. She explains what she feels.
  • You ask her what allergies, medications, and perinent medical history she has. She has diabetes and takes insulin, which is important to know.
  • You ask her when the last time she ate or drank was and what happened leading up to her fall. You have finished the SAMPLE exam and can now further caring for her.