The Neolithic Life

Updated: 10/3/2021
The Neolithic Life

Storyboard Text

  • OH NO!!!! There is no animals, no food!!!
  • LOOK A PATHHH!!! Let's see where it leads us.
  • Alright, let's go!!!
  • Excuse me, Hello, this is my daughter and let me tell you about the Neolithic Life.
  • Hello! We are living the Patheolic Life, but tell us about the Neolithic Life.
  • Just so we know, we don't have to worry about finding food we look for it ourselves. This is our plantation for crops like wheat.
  • Wow, I would love to not have to stress about finding food and constantly moving.
  • Sounds amazing!!! Sounds amazing!!! Sounds amazing!!!
  • We use the process of domestication as well. We train our animals to hunt and they reproduce which produces more animals for us. We use them for clothing and not only food.
  • An effective way of life, count me in.
  • An effective way of life, count me in.
  • We have permanent settlements as well and we have them made out of straw. We have surpluses of food and our living style is
  • Join us, join our village, we welcome you.