Spanish Project

Updated: 9/10/2021
Spanish Project

Storyboard Text

  • I want to play Basketball not Mini Golf!
  • I don't want to play mini Golf anymore Pope
  • There's a girl named kim and she goes to the pope to play basketball.
  • What? NO! Your a girl, Girls don't play basketball. They play mini Golf
  • I want to play basketball!
  • She goes to the bathroom and cries, because she can't play basketball.
  • You know I play mini-golf, but I want to play basketball!
  • She goes to the basketball coach to see if she can play basketball.
  • What!? Your good at mini-golf, play mini-golf.
  • Yes, I know but I want to play basketball!
  • The coach doesn't allow her to play because she is a girl.
  • Are you Ridiculous? Girls dont play basketball, they play mini-golf.
  • You should stick to mini-golf Kim.
  • Why wont they let me play?? Maybe if I dress up as a boy they will let me>
  • She goes to the bathroom to cry again and comes up with the idea to dress up as a boy.
  • I want to play for the basketball team for the Olympics! Can I play?
  • Yes, I'm very good at basketball!
  • She dressed up as a boy and went to the olympic coach and he said yes you can play basketball.
  • You play basketball?
  • Then, yes your on the team Kim, you can play!