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Ancient Rome
Updated: 12/4/2019
Ancient Rome
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  • Rome is located in Italy, which includes a peninsula and islands in southern Europe. The Italian peninsula is shaped a lot like a boot and reaches into the Mediterranean Sea with its toe pointed toward the island of Sicily.
  • The king was afraid the boys would grow up to take his throne, so he ordered his men to drown them in the Tiber River. However, before the twins drowned, a wolf rescued them.Romulus killed his brother. He became king of the city, which he named Rome.
  • Etruscan arches rested on two pillars, which supported a half-circle of wedge-shaped stones. A keystone in the center held the other stones of the arch tightly in place.
  • The first was slave fighting. The Etruscan custom was to stage slave fights during funerals. Two slaves of the dead master fought to the death with swords and small shields. After being congratulated, the winner was executed.
  • Temples like the Parthenon had stately columns that added to their beauty. The Greeks constructed marble temples as homes for their gods.They built the Colosseum with the columns.
  • The Greek alphabet was adopted and then changed by the Etruscan's. The Romans then borrowed and altered the Etruscan alphabet. Both the Etruscan's and the Romans admired Greek pottery, painting, and sculpture.The Greeks worshiped a number of gods and goddesses who governed every part of Greek life.
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