Academic Dishonesty storyboard

Updated: 10/15/2021
Academic Dishonesty storyboard

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  • Academic IntegrityScenario #1
  • Jill was happily walking to school. She had studied a lot for a test she had tomorrow. Her ILA teacher was going to give instructions
  • Yay! I am SO ready for the test tomorrow! So glad I worked hard and studied.
  • Psst! Hey, how about we cheat on the questions?
  • Ok class, a reminder. Make sure you studied hard and DON'T cheat on the test tomorrow
  • Agenda:Answer 10 Questions bytomorrow
  • Yeah, let's make a cheat sheet.
  • Oh no! Tommy and Chuckie want to cheat on the test! That's not fair for the rest of us who worked hard.
  • February
  • What a great idea! We'll pass the test with a cheat sheet!
  • Remember, don't let someone get away with cheating. When someone cheats, it means they didn't put effort on the assignment or competition
  • Oh dear, what should I do? I got it! I tell the teacher!
  • F
  • ILA quiz #1: Chuckie
  • ILA quiz #1: Tommy
  • GASP!!!
  • F
  • 1. I consider that this is cheating because you are not being fair to others2. Tommy and Chuckie are cheating3. They cheated by using a cheat sheet from the teacher's desk4. I would tell a teacher immediately